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Privacy Policy


Welcome to Jump Heroes by Radikate! This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, process, and share user information in our mobile game, Jump Heroes and website: By engaging with our game, you acknowledge and consent to the collection and utilization of your data as described in this policy.


Last Updated: November 16, 2023


Gameplay and User Information:


Data Collection: Jump Heroes requires a constant internet connection due to core functionalities like player ranking, fraud prevention, and saving game progression. We gather user data, including email, device information, and in-game progress, for analytics. These insights drive game development and serve marketing purposes.


User Registration: Player registration necessitates email, password, and a gamer tag. Rest assured, this data is encrypted and secure.


Website Analytics: We collect analytical data on via Google Analytics, using cookies for marketing and analytical purposes.


Game Features and Data Usage:


Advertising ID Utilization: We use the advertising ID to refine in-game ad displays based on device info, location, and user preferences. Players accept this by agreeing to the privacy policy and terms of use.


Email Marketing: We may use the email addresses provided by users to communicate information about Jump Heroes, our current services, and future products that may be of interest to our users. By providing your email address, you consent to receive promotional materials, marketing communications, newsletters, or updates about Jump Heroes and our upcoming offerings. You can opt-out of these communications at any time by following the unsubscribe link provided in the emails or by contacting us directly.


Data Security and User Rights:


1. Data Security Measures: All personal data is encrypted and securely stored on servers, ensuring confidentiality.


2. Usage Data Collection: We gather detailed usage metrics, such as session duration, games played, and player purchases, to refine the gaming experience and future improvements.


3. Location Details: We might collect country-specific data to improve analytics and displayed ads..


4. Secure Data Storage: Your information, including usage and device specifics, is indefinitely stored on Google servers.


5. Policy Updates: Any modifications or updates to our Privacy Policy will be communicated via email or marked with an update date here on our website:


6. Strict Data Access: Except for advertising partners, no third parties access user data collected within Jump Heroes.


7. User Control: Users have the option to delete their data directly in the game settings or by contacting us via email at


Data Management:


Users can request changes or removal of their data at any time, which will be promptly executed.


Your privacy matters to us, and we strive to ensure the security and integrity of your data. This policy might be subject to updates due to evolving data protection regulations.


For any queries regarding this policy or the exercise of your rights, please contact us through our mail:


Terms of Use

Last Updated: November 16, 2023


1. Acceptance of Terms


1.1 The use of the mobile game Jump Heroes is subject to acceptance of these Terms of Use. By continuing to use the game, the user agrees to abide by these terms.


2. Intellectual Property Ownership


2.1 All intellectual property rights associated with the Jump Heroes game remain the exclusive property of Radikate, represented by Jakub Gałgański and Tomasz Błaszczyk.


2.2 In case of any additional intellectual property rights, information will be updated and provided in the Terms of Use.


3. Use of the Game


3.1 Users agree to use the game according to its intended purpose, refraining from cheating or creating offensive materials utilizing the Jump Heroes' image. Users must adhere to ethical standards when creating their player nicknames.


3.2 Players commit to registration by providing a valid email, password, and nickname. The game developers are not responsible for password retrieval in case of incorrect email submission.

4. Limitations

4.1 Players are prohibited from creating offensive usernames or generating content that violates ethical standards. In case of such violations, we reserve the right to suspend the user's account.


5. Player Responsibility and Purchases


5.1 The game developers are not liable for improper use of the game by players. Issues with external services such as purchasing processes or the Firebase database fall outside the responsibility of the game developers.


5.2  In-app purchases made by players are non-refundable because of its character.


6. Changes to the Terms of Use


6.1 The terms of use may undergo changes, which will be published on the website with a specific date. Players have the opportunity to review the current Terms of Use at any time.


6.2 Users will be informed about any significant changes in the Terms of Use through notifications within the application or on the website.

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